Friday, August 27, 2004

Up and Down on Day Five

We've made it to the weekend and today was a perfect mix of an energy burst followed by a drained feeling.

As I can best guess, the day started pretty good, but I sat up and surfed and wrote for hours without much desire to sip or slurp. The first two types of protein drinks I've tried have kinda bombed out on taste. The third one is much better, but I feel obligated to try and finish them since they cost so much. I should probably just get over it and more on.

Near the end of the afternoon I felt drained and a little feverish. I took a nap and woke with some trapped gas pain.

Trapped air doesn't seem much like a medical emergency, but an air pocket in an extra sore digestive track will bring one down a few pegs.

Walking helps and Scott, the baby and I made a night walk out to the parking lot. Now I'll try the sorbet bars for dinner. I'm thinking that might help these blahs.

We shall see.

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