Sunday, August 22, 2004

Surgery eve and last-minute preparations

I've missed my 'morning before breakfast' of an egg and slice of toast. My stomach's tossed about and at that time (around 6:30) I was up, but feeling like even one scrambled egg wouldn't stay put. I'm opting to try to battle the blahs with peppermint tea. The rest of this day's meals are clear liquids.

Today's preparations are health and personal tasks, mostly family-related, I would say. Topping the list is cleaning my apartment. Coming back home to some order after surgery will feel well. I would like to have all my baby's clothes washed and arranged so getting her up and ready for daycare will be easy. And, I plan to cook dinner. My parents should be arriving around dinner time and a nice home-cooked meal would be just a small gesture considering they are putting their lives on hold for several days to help us with my recovery and the baby. I think I'll cook a lemon-herb baked chicken and a veggie side. Scott says if I rest the chicken on a bed of chunky veggies while baking, it won't soak up as much grease (as seen on TV). I will consider this.

Finished my tea and took my blood pressure, 136/77 -- not bad for someone with critical hypertension (smirk). Now I'm off to arrange, box, wash, fold, stash and scrub.

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