Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Soylent Green in My Coffee Cup?

I just can't leave well-enough alone. The new powdered protein product did so well in skim milk that I decided to experiment. I added a little to my hot chocolate. I heated and I stirred and I mixed and waited.

Best as I can tell, I've created a new life form floating in my Quick and milk. It doesn't taste too bad, but it has the consistency of what I imagine the first guy in the movie experienced before he yelled "Soylent Green is people!"

Ok, no biggie. Lesson for today: Powdered protein does not play well with others and never, NEVER heat it up.

Today is going to be a very good day; I can tell. I think I'm on the down side of the pain. I'm getting up and down with almost no pain at all. The thought of having a nearly pain-free Labor Day weekend has got me almost giddy.

My racing heart rate is slowing down and my breathing is normal.

I think I will go out and play.


Kenna said...

Fran - I stumbled on to your blog using the "next blog" feature and I'm glad I did. You are very articulate and I enjoy reading your posts. Best wishes in your recovery.

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