Saturday, August 28, 2004

Oh, It's a Grand Pity Party in Here

I have issues and I need answers. I truly regretted making this decision several times today. That realization, however, is like jumping off a building. Yes, you will change your mind several times on your way to the ground, but gravity will not reverse itself just because you want it to.

Without posts like this one, you might believe I'm blowing ultra positive smoke (into your eyes?).

I'm having the mother of all allergic reactions -- hives, itching, coughing, congestion. I've had this type of reaction before because I'm highly allergic to sulfite additives. I flared for weeks after bathing in hospital soap laced with sulfur, using HCTZ to lower my BP after my infant son's death and, the most stupid, after drinking a free bottle of muscadine wine from a local winery.

I've learned to scan labels for sulfur, sulfites or chemical compounds with a little sulfur in the name.

Last night, I took 50 mg of benedryl and then flared up like a Christmas tree. "Why," I was thinking, "I'm just sitting here sipping my HIGH PROTEIN DRINK!!!

No way. Could life be that cruel?

No way. Way!

All my high protein drinks are sweetened with Acesulfame Potassium, a sulfur-based sweetener.

I owe my internist an apology. Last week when I was having my allergic reaction to the antibiotics he prescribed, I had just had my first serving of Protein Ice -- Duh!

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