Friday, August 20, 2004

Clearing the internist appointment

In one last-minute step, I went to see an internist who works with the bariatric surgeons. I didn't like the idea of driving to another parish (county) to see yet another pre-surgery doctor, but most all of, I was armed with another healthy dose of bad attitude. I expected to be frustrated, but instead was charmed by the small-town doctor's office staff and an upbeat internist.

(Can you say: Dr. Melancon? By husband Scott is assured that any transplant or person from another state will say 'mel-lon-con.' That made for an interesting sidebar into Scott's amusement into all things Cajun.)

Dr. Melancon even passed the booby trap of asking me if I was sure I wanted a Lap-Band instead of a gastric bypass. I think those things are horrible -- work or fail. It seems too drastic for my taste and situation. I equate it with a 'sentence' than a procedure to help someone. Blessed with more than healthy self-esteem and an ego that could sink ships, I often see myself as being less than typical and FHBF (fairly happy being fat). Did anyone ever mention I have some strong opinions? I do, but luckily I keep most of them to myself.

When he asked why I decided against a gastric bypass, I simply said I felt the Lap-Band was a better fit to my needs and that I would prefer to return to a normal gastric arrangement after weight loss. I like that it's adjustable and reversible to a certain degree.

May not be the way I've always put it, but that's the civil, just of it and what really matters to me right now.

I left with a renewed zeal that being a healthy, active mother for Cecilia was a lot more important to me than fitting into those snake-skin jeans I brought two Christmases ago. (Uh, don't ask)

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