Saturday, August 21, 2004

Attack of the Killer Shopping List II

I read the list, studied the list and made some calls to stores about the list. 'Just do it' comes to mind, but I wouldn't be Frances if I didn't turn this into a research project.

After an informed and extensive evaluation, I decided to go to ....

GNC (duh! and isn't GNC written on the sheet they gave you Frances?)

We just came back from a family outing to GNC. I got protein this and low carb that, drinks and potions and those yummy health bars that taste just like Snickers bars! (Put that pipe down).

It was an extremely interesting 'protein quest' (see, I read the instructions) and if not for the toddler meltdown and a bored-with-nutrition-store daddy, this might have been incredibly fun. (Luckily, it was the mall and they found another store in which to wreak havoc)

I decided that I would return to GNC (and the mall) and I left there a (card-carrying -- really) GNC Gold Card Member.

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