Friday, August 27, 2004

My Surgeon: Dr. Karl LeBlanc and his practice

Surgeon: Dr. Karl LeBlanc
Practice: Minimum Invasive Surgical Institute
Location: Baton Rouge, La.
Specialty: Supermodels

Editor's note: The following is my performance review of Dr. LeBlanc and his staff which is also posted on (It's real long and I'm weak, ya know)

After a few minutes with Dr. LeBlanc, I felt very comfortable that everything would be fine and I had a top-notch expert.

He has a funny quirkiness that makes him seem like he's existing in his own little biosphere -- nothing matters but his craft and his patients' health. My husband and I chuckled how colors in the room didn't seem to match and the meeting room seemed like a lot of thought haven't gone into decorating. Dr. LeBlanc was a lot like that room -- focused without a lot of snotty, useless decorations and attitudes. I could tell from the manner he explained the procedure that he had a teacher's zeal (and knowledge) of bariatric surgery. And being a teacher, he was a master.

His self-less nature was best demonstrated when he expressed concern that I also get a hernia repaired. He told me that the hernia could cause problems and then said "I do that."

"I do that?"

That statement sounded like what the 'handyman guy' says about detailing cars: "I do that." Later, while researching the doctors and procedures, I found it hard to find anything (but here at about Karl LeBlanc, the bariatric surgeon. Instead, I found tons of information about Karl Leblanc, the world renowned (really) hernia repair specialist. On two UK sites, I even read reviews of one of his two books on less-invasive hernia repair. His description of all that: "I do that." I immediately told my husband that I thought it was Divine Intervention that I would be sent to a bariatric surgeon who was also a hernia specialist.

Dr. LeBlanc took an interest in my unique problems and needs, but also refused to push me into having the surgery when I expressed a 'wait and see attitude' about it.

His staff is the perfect combination of professionalism and supportive. The office staff made me feel comfortable even when I was trying hard not to like them. Being both obese and egotisical, I'm always watching like a hawk for medical professionals who speak down to me or treat me like I have a mental defect. They did neither. When I couldn't fight it any more, I decided I just had to love them for all the support and information they gave to me. I applaud Christy, Holly, Ashley and Genie and any others who helped make this as smooth as possible.

The PA Holly Edmonds is quick and knowledgeable. She was very visible while I was in the hospital and fast and helpful the next morning when I called with questions.

There's an excellent aftercare program that includes a support group and Web site. Like everything else, I've always soured on attending support groups. Since they have proved me wrong in so many areas, I'll be at the first one available (next week).

I guess the length of this review hints that I have few criticisms. I tried my very best to find them. The biggest problem I could bring up is that their Web site isn't easily found on search engines. Come on, if that was the best I could do....

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