Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First Day Home From Hospital

I was sprung loose from the hospital this morning. I don't know if I'm at a loss for words or a loss for energy. I just had Scott set up my laptop to see if had any words of wisdom for today.

Not really.

It was wonderful seeing my little girl after a few days. She was thrilled to see me also and all my new toys and snacks. I'm still using the respiratory device that promotes deep breathing (and painful coughing). Cece thinks it's so much fun and has gone off with it a few times. If I get two sips, she's waiting close by to get her share too.

Eating is more of a chore right now than a desire. I've made my way through a few quarter wine glasses of crystal light -- thanks to Scott for putting it in a wine glass just like at the hospital, a half cup of tea, a couple of spoon fulls of some healthy protein thing from Smoothy King and a marathon cup of jello. I started the jello around 7:30 and at about 11 p.m. I was almost half way through it. Trying the jello too close to the tea sent me reeling in pain as a spoon full of jello waited it's turn to enter my incredible shrinking pouch.

Scott just warned that I probably didn't have enough protein today. I'm sure he's right, but today has just been trying to adjust to being home again and dealing with the pain. The baby doesn't understand why mommy won't pick her up, but she did walk over and hug my swollen, sore belly before being pulled off of me kicking and screaming. I wanted to cry too.

I'm trying to focus on a healthier life without a weak heart and insulin dependence in my later years. I know since I had Cecilia in my late 30s I need all the healthy, active years I can get. I do need that motivation more than any other advantage the surgery might offer.

I think tomorrow I will be more animated and thankful.

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