Friday, August 20, 2004

Shopping list and some worries

With just a little more than 2 days left before the surgery, tonight's Mediterranean plate was the last solid food for a while. It seemed like a last supper of sorts as Scott and I discussed his continued angst about the surgery and Cecilia insisted on feeding her chicken strips back to me.

After dinner, we headed out to start working on the post-surgery shopping list. The actual list was MIA when we got to the pharmacy's GNC section. After several minutes of reading labels and not seeing the right combination of no carbs and ultra high proteins while keeping our toddler out of the panyhose eggs, we just gave up. We will get the list, make a few calls and try this again tomorrow.

All of sudden, I don't feel as smug as I did just this morning in the doctor's office. I have some questions I haven't voiced (or thought of) and might swallow my pig-headed pride and call this weekend. We live and we learn.


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