Monday, May 08, 2006

Poof: Fill Be Gone!

Golly gee gang, I hate it when I'm right sometimes. I saw SupaDoc today and it was an over-all great visit. He really liked my tight little locks and he said it makes me look younger and thinner. I reminded him that I am in my 30s, after all (barely)

I told him I started working out a lot, had some pain and then took a break for a couple of weeks (well, for cramps, hives and unofficial bronchitis) and then I felt completely open like my band was empty. I told him it didn't spark any binges, but I knew I could pack away lots of food. However, I will PB if I eat too fast or dry, bulky stuff and I've power puked some Churches Chicken when my coughing was bad.

Anyhoo, he prepares the fill and had a little trouble, but got in on second try (no fluro for me and usually no problem). He said he was putting in 1 cc because the band was empty. Poof!

Ok, I've lost it all in six weeks. When should I be concerned about this fluid disappearance? I'm starting to wonder if I should go back to ab work, but I need to work my muscles if I'm ever going to score plastic surgery and freedom for skin flaps.

Yes, I am prepared to look on the bright side!

In these 6-7 weeks, I've reduced my body fat by 5 percentage points. This extra gained muscle, plus the late-day weighing, put 4 pounds on the scale. This seems like "statistical voodoo," but the report says I've lost 10 pounds of fat in this period of time. So I'm still approaching a comfortable Size 20. I had zipper failure in the 20 pants and so I wore a size 32 shell which fits like a tunic with a size 24 skirt, with a big *country* safety pin looping it in place on my waist.

It's not everyone's winning cards, but it's the hand I've been dealt and I'm going to play it.

Focus: Fills, Fat and Frances

It's 2 a.m. and I'm staying up from fear of not wanting to wake after much too little sleep. Yes, drugs are bad, but I'm clean (ier than I've been in years).

I have an appointment with SupaDoc today and I'm so tempted to purge in some way to show some progress in the last six weeks. I lost some weight, started exercising a lot, hurt my ab (just one left) and then it's been up and down a few pounds and I'm sure I will be at or right above my same weight. I'm banking I at least gained some muscle.

I don't feel much restriction and I'll be looking to see if my lonely 1 cc fill has gone South on me. I had lost 1/2 cc on my last visit.

My challenge is to deal with these plateaus as stages instead of the end of the world. For the last couple of weeks, I've been juggling a contract job, a part time teaching job, a new full-time job and the finalist interviews for a potential "dream" job.

Ok, since I also have a preschooler, the lack of progress last month looks much better. I guess I'll just count my blessings -- I will have money coming in this month and I'll show up for my fill in size 20 pants.

I'm so easy.