Thursday, August 26, 2004

Progress and pains: Day Four

My body is healing and although I can't say I'm pain-free, I'm learning the tricks of the trade to dealing with it.

The Lap-Band surgery puts a port near the top of the stomach close to the surface. That area is still the most sore, but I'm learning to apply a little pressure to the area to keep it stabilized and less painful. I'm getting up pretty good and sitting slowly -- The muscle bends while sitting and standing. Using the knees to stand helps ease the strand on the abdominals, but I'm still mastering the other direction.

I'm also moving up to more sips and slurps. I think I finished close to entire cup of jello in two sittings -- minus the big spoonful that Cecilia took. Sweet baby that she is, after she realized how much orange jello meant to me, she gave it back a few minutes later.

I sipped two favors of liquid protein drink, had some watered down juice and had a all-juice bar. Hmmm, we might have an encore later for the juice bar.

My meds right now include a prescription vitamin, antibiotics, (less) liquid pain killer and my blood pressure meds that are already being stepped down.

And the day wasn't spent sitting on the couch. I took a nap in bed (don't laugh), took several walks inside and walked out to the car for a drive over to our house under construction. I also fought off an attack of the sleepy toddler and had her laying on my knee before having to call for help when she moved over for a full mommy cuddle.

I did a lot of phone tasks and logged quite a bit of time at the computer, but overall, it's a very dull day in the life of Frances. Maybe there's also a lesson in that.

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