Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Morning After

The surgery was yesterday and I was fully expecting to be up and writing the same day. Well, I was wrong, but I did get up.

I'm being told that the surgery went well. I have some issues not related to the Lap-Band that are giving me trouble, but I seem to be on course with post-op expectations.

My impression: THIS HURTS LIKE HELL!

I didn't expect this type of pain, but it's not the worst pain I've ever had. I reserve my 10 (on a scale of 1-10) to labor pains or when I woke up in ICU after my full-term delivery.

So far, I've had ice chips and a few spoons of broth. I threw a good bit of that up little bit after coughing or drinking pain medicines.

(later) This morning I had about a spoon full of sorbet and sips of crystal light. I also had a chest X-ray and an upper GI. Those are standard, but I've been running a fever and we are trying to ward off pneumonia. My blood count is low and labs at noon will determine if I will go home today. I hope so because I miss my baby and I know she's feeling like mommy has abandoned her again.

I'm not writing much with the IV, the higher table my laptop is on and, of course, the pain.

All for now.

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