Saturday, August 21, 2004

Bad attitude takes a hit by caring gesture

Got a call from the surgical hospital and fully expected it to be a 'pre-set' script saying "Your surgery is the next business day and we just wanted to touch base with you..."

Instead, a nurse was informing me that Dr. Melancon had reviewed my chart this (Saturday) morning and noticed a problem. I wasn't dying or anything that would halt the surgery, but my last labs showed white cells and that would signal an infection. He wanted to call out an antibiotic to get a jump on it before the surgery.

I really felt like someone, my crappy opinions aside, was looking out for me. I explained to him that I just overcome a horrible bout of pain caused by an ongoing ovarian problem and I felt the infection might be tied to that. He assured me whatever the problem was, the antibiotic would help and they would continue it after surgery.

Last night I was working up my nerve to call to ask last-minute questions and I felt the Lord was giving me a chance to get some angst cleared by asking about things instead of being a smug know-it-all (card-carrying).

I asked about ketosis and if the lack of carbs would cause this condition. He said ketosis was a desired effect and its affects on the patient would be monitored. I also asked about my blood sugar and he said the labs showed it was much too high. He said they would watch it carefully and give me insulin if it was needed. (In my mind I'm thinking that the infection could have elevated my blood sugar, but little Miss Know it All actually kept that to herself ... smirk )

He added that I was anemic (not much) and the staff also would monitor that.

There's a post further down somewhere that says my bloomers were in a wad about having to go out of town to see an internist. Let's just say there's still someone up there giving me what I need instead of what I want. I'm thankful to Him also.

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