Thursday, December 09, 2004

We Have Achieved Movement!

I know that regular exercise is a big part of a successful weight-loss program, but I haven't been pain-free enough to take the plunge into any type of exercise. I still have some pulls and pangs, but I decided that today was the day that Cecilia and I would hit the streets. (Ok, I said I would take the dog too...Hmm, change in plans)

Another change in plans was that I didn't carry hand weights with me. I decided to put Cecilia (almost 35 pounds) in her wagon made for two (almost as heavy) and pull them both through our subdivision.

Yup, the blood has official been pumped!

We walked back to our old apartment down the road and then took the walking tour of our new neighborhood. Both Cecilia and I were sporting blue jean shorts. (This is Louisiana at Christmas time....don't you all have shorts on?)

After a thorough workout for mommy horse, we returned for a healthy shared snack. We combined our personal favorites and had a platter of apples, cheese and triscuits. My little angel loves apples and luckily I already loved cheese as a primary protein source.

We toasted our efforts with a sippy cup and a mug of cold water.

I don't know how miles I charted, but I'm sure it's baby steps in the right direction.

If you have any exercise suggestions, leave me a comment or drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Hey girly I am so proud of your weightloss, and I hope you make it to your goal of being under 3 hundred lbs. It is really good that you have made a goal and are sticking to it. I have also and I have you and alot of other really positive people to thank for that. I really donot have a lot of support at home. but people like you that stop by site and just say hi really make it all worth it.

It's me celgudino

Anonymous said...

Hey I would like to suggest to you the slim n six work out videos. You can do them in the privcacy of your own home and I really think they will help out a lot. I have already requested them for Christmas.

Crash said...

Shorts.... Shorts... It's bloody cold here! I've been wearing my bobble hat at Britain premier port(Port of Felixstowe) for weeks now... Keep up the diet. I've got to loose a few pounds before we come over to your side of the pond and get married at Viva Las Vega in Feb, it's not easy but I want to fit into my Elvis Jumpsuit!