Monday, December 06, 2004

15 Weeks and I'm not looking....

You see, I'm just that secure.


Well, maybe it's true. I've told several people I'm within a handful of pounds away from my year end's goal of being under 300 pounds. I've decided not to post another weight until Dec. 30 -- just so happens, I have a doctor's appointment that day.

I think I'm extremely close to the 40th pound lost. I'm not to the point where my clothes fall off of me and I'm still a very overweight woman. I'm actually not too depressed about it and I have to keep having this talk with myself: No rush, slow is good, being healthy is key, no yo-yo dieting, enjoy yourself. Of course, I wish I had a magic mirror that could show me what I would look like 150 pounds lighter.

I haven't written a "State of the Body" address in a while, so I guess it would be good to catch you all up with me.

Frances is never common, so I don't expect my results to be common. I think I'm hitting in the middle. My good friend, a medical professional, is doing much better and has incorporated an exercise plan.

I have not exercised one bit. I'm looking forward to it, but I started having problems with the hernia 6 weeks into the process. My tummy looks like the browning map of a battle field: "See here, that's the six holes from surgery one and that big zipper is the c-section sitting atop the umbilical hernia."

When I go to the doctor, I feel like a docent at the Smithsonian: "Now, let's all walk over to the Lap Band port...walk swiftly...right next to the huge bruise on the left (ya know, George Washington once slept there!)"

But my war injuries are healing and I'm giving serious thought to "what" I will do when I can get out and test the waters. It's probably going to be walking and some light work with weights, but that could be fun for me and my little one and her "growing" monster puppy.

I'm also looking forward to more progress after I incorporate more exercise.

Other updates, let's see. I still have some aches and pains. If any other bariatric surgery patients are tuned in, how do you deal with sitting for long periods of time and do you feel more uncomfortable in the tummy after long sits? If you have comments, check the "comments" link at the bottom of each post and send me your 2 cents.

What am I eating? Well, my family isn't ready to satisfy a lot of separate dietary needs and wants after moving into MoneyPitt 2004 a month ago. We are a mommy recovering from two surgeries and trying to lose weight, a daddy who sometimes gets into nervous eating and a 2-year-old Mac-N-Cheese addict. I eat what they eat minus a lot of carbs and I seldomly eat bread. I'm eating small amounts of rice and potatoes and when I need to wrap a sandwich in something, I have low-carb wraps and tortillas instead of bread. I'm sure when we recover in 2005 and stop eating the house, I will re-incorporate high protein supplements and other aids. Until then, lots of chicken, tuna, tilapia and cheese. Don't feel sorry for me, though, I've always eaten lots of chicken and cheese and fish was always more of a luxury, so it's all good. I'm not suffering about missing my favorite foods, I'm just concentrating on moderation.

I had a long period where I stopped taking my meds: No blood pressure or diabetes meds, no vitamins (nope, nothing, but painkillers!). I think the stress of the move helped raise my BP back into medicine-needing levels, but the lack of vitamins was just stupid on my part. Well, my falling hair and monumental muscle cramps are helping to remind me how important vitamins are. I did say I was learning, right? Well, I can be a bone-headed student at times.

I would love to hear from you all, especially by family, friends and other bariatric surgery pateints. The "comment" link at the bottom of this post is open to everyone.

Until next time, thanks for reading and thank you for your support.

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