Thursday, December 30, 2004

Four months: Drum roll pleeeeze!

One milestone down -- One (at a time) to go.

I'm back from my doctor's appointment marking my four months post-op visit. I had my doubts on my New Year's goal, but I have indeed made it. I weigh less than 300 pounds -- 297 pounds to be exact. I have dropped 46 pounds since August of this year and I'm more than 50 pounds lighter than my highest weight reached of 350 pounds.

I'm far from finished and far from the picture of health. Many bariatrics patients I've met have started weighing less than my weight now, but I choose to take the challenges and victories in convenient, bite-size portions (go figure, huh?).

"Reinventing Fran" is a group project and I dare not take credit for this first victory alone. My family, friends and blog readers have been supportive and caring. Many of your calls and emails have kept me off the virtual (very real) ledge time and time again.

If I had been told I would have developed such a close relationship with my doctor's staff and the weight loss support group, I would not have believed it, but is so incredibly true. I've never felt alone in this battle thanks to M.I.S.I., NooMee and 1stCo.

Here are two unsung heroes: Kristi and Genie are two individuals with a thousands things to do in a short period of time and their smiles never take a day off. Most amazingly, the words, "I'm sorry, but I don't have time to...." are simply not in their vocabulary.

I'm a big fan of Super Doc ("Supahdoc") and I think my nickname may someday stick. I have, however, nothing but the highest respect for Dr. Karl Leblanc.

Today's visit was a big evaluation time for us. I'm never "thrilled" by my progress because I still have the thought that maybe I'm not doing enough. Dr. Leblanc was like a proud papa and assured me that the expected weight loss post lap band is about 2-4 pounds a month. I'm averaging 11 pounds a month and I know in my heart's of hearts he's right.

I guess the hardest part of my expectations involves the fact that gastric bypass patients lose weight so much faster. The lap band procedure has helped me limit portions and stomach volume, but I don't suffer food intolerances. Many of the gastric bypass patients you have of heard experience "dumping" if they consume certain foods like desserts and things with a high sugar content. I, on the other hand, baked a chocolate/German chocolate cake Christmas morning. I ate some, but the biggest challenge was keeping those little 2-year-old paw prints out of it.

My health stats are improving: A BMI of 59 has dropped to 48. My percent body fat has dropped to 49 percent which goes a long way to making my body a better, "less oiled" machine. I feel better and that's a great plus for me right now.

Food preparation has become lots of fun thanks to our friends at Louisiana Culinary Institute. I got a kick out of telling my mom that my toddler was in her high chair enjoying herb-crusted baked chicken breast, rice and a salad. My husband is all for the fresh, raw or crispy sauteed vegetables and fresh herbs. I'm eyeing a spot in my yard for an herb garden. Anyone with experience with raised-bed gardening, please send me a comment.

Thanks, again, to those of you who read the blog and encouraged me for the last four months. My next milestone comes on February 14 -- Valentine's Day. My new goals don't involve the scale as much as it does the other stats. I would like to achieve a body fat percentage of less than 45 percent. I guess it's time to burn some rubber!!!

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Anonymous said...

fran. . .

way to go. . .just joined woman's fitness and it's fantastic!

I hope you can come with me. . .

I have several guess passes. . .Let's meet one day! :) love, shana