Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Three Weeks, 30 Pounds And One Huge Storm

The world doesn't stop for gastric surgery patients. If anything, I can truly say that the last three weeks have been filled with six weeks of living. We are in the final stages of building a house, I'm trying to start working outside the city and trying my hand at motherhood again -- all while wondering if New Orleans will be submerged by Hurricane Ivan.

One might think that a stressful plate of life might have little to do with Lap Band surgery, but the reality is that a change in life must take place while "life" continues to spin 90-to-nothing.

If you were Oprah Winfrey, each alteration of life would be orchestrated by a personal trainer, a chef, a dietician and a slew of personal assistants. I'm not saying her life and dieting efforts aren't hard...hmm, well, yes I am.

In the real world a toddler's mother might feed the screaming tot twice before getting a protein-packed meal. The whole world says I can't care for Cecilia well if I don't put my own health first. Cecilia says: I'm up 20 minutes and what, no breakfast? (And boy, did that banana nut bread oatmeal smell good!)

Who knows, maybe the Lap Band surgery will be more effective in the long run because I was dealing with life full throttle while dealing with food in moderation.

I may have edged up a couple of pounds, but here are the three-week counts:
  • 30 pounds in three weeks

  • Very little pain until I get tired

  • Lots of pain when pounced on by wonder tot who's home again

  • Still lowering the meds

  • Tired, like, stupid tired, about once or twice a day

  • That with sprinkles of depression, anxiety and (Scott says)temporary insanity

On a totally shallow note: I'm not dreaming of my first shopping spree. Instead, I'm having a ball shopping in my own closet. I have new clothes, old clothes, pre-pregnancy clothes and even a leotard from step aerobics class cira 1991. I'm just fine with those clothes. I'm just fine with clothes that are a little loose. I'm just fine putting in new seams when the clothes start falling off. I'm just cheap. (enough said)

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Kenna said...

Fran - it's fine that you're shopping in your own closet for now. At one point a few years ago I lost 30 pounds through stress (divorce) and I was just amazed at how wonderful it felt to put on a smaller size. I actually even had to go out and by some smaller stuff. Of course, totally different circumstances and yes, I did gain the weight back, but I still remember marveling at how great it felt to pull out those sage green slacks and actually have to use a belt. Keep up the great work!