Monday, May 08, 2006

Poof: Fill Be Gone!

Golly gee gang, I hate it when I'm right sometimes. I saw SupaDoc today and it was an over-all great visit. He really liked my tight little locks and he said it makes me look younger and thinner. I reminded him that I am in my 30s, after all (barely)

I told him I started working out a lot, had some pain and then took a break for a couple of weeks (well, for cramps, hives and unofficial bronchitis) and then I felt completely open like my band was empty. I told him it didn't spark any binges, but I knew I could pack away lots of food. However, I will PB if I eat too fast or dry, bulky stuff and I've power puked some Churches Chicken when my coughing was bad.

Anyhoo, he prepares the fill and had a little trouble, but got in on second try (no fluro for me and usually no problem). He said he was putting in 1 cc because the band was empty. Poof!

Ok, I've lost it all in six weeks. When should I be concerned about this fluid disappearance? I'm starting to wonder if I should go back to ab work, but I need to work my muscles if I'm ever going to score plastic surgery and freedom for skin flaps.

Yes, I am prepared to look on the bright side!

In these 6-7 weeks, I've reduced my body fat by 5 percentage points. This extra gained muscle, plus the late-day weighing, put 4 pounds on the scale. This seems like "statistical voodoo," but the report says I've lost 10 pounds of fat in this period of time. So I'm still approaching a comfortable Size 20. I had zipper failure in the 20 pants and so I wore a size 32 shell which fits like a tunic with a size 24 skirt, with a big *country* safety pin looping it in place on my waist.

It's not everyone's winning cards, but it's the hand I've been dealt and I'm going to play it.


sally said...

i really like your last comment,"it's not everyone's winning cards,but it's the hand i've been dealt and i'm going to play it."
yeah, frances, when we embrace this, it is more than half the battle, isn't it??
someone once told me"when you quite the war, you win the battle."
onward, my dear...

Titia said...

Frances I love your blog! This is Titia (in Japan) from OH....I also have a blog...and I love blogging..>I hope all is well.


DixieBella said...

Thanks Fran! I appreciate the support! Hopefully I will hear something from the all-powerful insurance company soon! Have a great weekend!

Celgudino said...

Hello Frances. Everyday you do something else inspiring. Keep up the effort and you will come out on top! You have been so open and honest with all of your struggles. I am so happy for you. A size 20...too sexy girl! Now what are we going to do with you when you get into the teens...umm umm umm! hehehehehe LOL

Aunt of 14 said...

Hello Frances, I found your blog from one of those bulletin boards online, and I am inspired. I just started the process towards getting a Lap Band. I still need to get the psych eval and the the nutritionist, then schedule the surgery.

You said you lost all the saline from the band. HOW does that happen?! *a little worried*