Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tuna-N-Friends Wrap: Test Kitchen Series

I've listed a similar recipe using grilled chicken. I was about to go that route, but I needed something a little softer. Here's the compromise. I had to say "Tuna-N-Friends" cause this sandwich-like thing has everything but the kitchen sink in it. There's so much protein and some good veggie content that I thought this was worth mentioning again.

This traditional sandwich contents are put in a wrap because it's easier to chew and swallow for a lot of weight-loss surgery postops. I used to have a lot of problems with sliced bread and sandwiches. It's about 50-50 for me now and I've recently started buying Nature's Own Light (honey wheat) for me and my family. It has 40 calories per slice and is full of protein and fiber.

Anyhoo, for this meal, we used a Herb-garlic wrap made by Mission. Other Mission wraps I've used include Spinach-Herb and Sun-dried Tomato. They have about 200 calories a wrap, but they are big enough to make two servings if you can't that much on bread.

Tuna-N-Friends Wrap

1 flavored wrap
Canned tuna (in water)
Tomato slices
Chopped onions
Cheese slice
Avocado slices
2 slices of bacon (hubby smiles, but I guess optional)

Place wrap on flat surface and load it up in the middle. Wrap it up like one would a burrito with the ends not spilling out. Press the wrap in heated, pan-sprayed pan.

Those people who have problems with "doughy" bread will benefit from a toasted, crispy wrap.

This wrap is a big, filling meal. I've shared it and left half for another meal. Even if you leave the bacon out, you get protein from the wrap, the tuna, cheese and avocado slice. Many people shy away from avocadoes because of the fat content, but they contain healthy fats which are heart-friendly. A serving should not exceed half an avocado, however.

Hot, crispy and full of vitamins and protein. Enjoy.

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