Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Resolve: Three Week Postop (X6)

I'm on the other side of three weeks postop from my multiple hernia repair. It's unrelated to the lap band, but all related to my life and journey. Through the pain of recovery, it's hard to tell what got better and what got worse. It's been a busy few weeks of happenings.

I Don't Care Update: I probably had many folks thinking I left my mind in Plaquemine, La. I will never forget Reality Doc and his part in the last 17 months. Everyone needs a dose of reality paired with support to keep focused on the big picture. My internist was that support and direction and I'll always appreciate that. My last message to him was directed to his staff: "Please tell the staff that I'm not the one that dropped that trailer on their sister. I was on the other side of Oz at the time. You've been great. I wish you well."

Hernia pain update: I hurt, therefore, I am. The pain got better and then it got worse. No matter what direction it goes, I'm reassured that hernia repairs are just extremely painful -- It's gonna hurt. I chased my little dynamo at a museum opening yesterday and actually rode a few miles on my bicycle this week (OUCH!). I guess I'm going to live.

Swallowing pain, eating update: I was blessed to spend time with a new doctor. My beloved SupaDoc is in Europe saving the slopes from obesity (I know he's working hard.) A doctor doing a fellowship with his group made me feel both old and extremely special. Doctors are getting younger, but he's too cool to be given the original title of "BabyDoc." He took a serious interest in my discomfort and made an effort to bring some relief. I've tried a medicine that would have eased the pain after swallowing if I had esophagus ulcers. I also had a test to monitor my swallowing mechanisms. Jury's still out, but we have ruled some things out. DocDetermined, MissionDoc or just SweetheartDoc -- I just can't decide ...

Weight-loss update: I think I said I didn't care. Ok, I lied. I still "WANT" to lose weight. I just don't want to lose perspective on the big picture and a balanced way of looking at life and food. After surgery, I gained about 10 pounds. As of last week, I had lost those fluid pounds and about 10 more. I am 80 pounds down from my highest weight of 350. Getting to 250 would be sweet. A hundred pounds rings well in anyone's ear no matter how they got there.

I Resolve: I want it all. I want to lose weight at a healthy rate. I want to eat from every food group without dependence on chemicals and synthetic "Soylent Green." I want many more days running behind pink power girl in the park. I want to ride my bicycle and build muscle as I lose fat. I don't want to be truly "thin," but I think I can be buff. It may not be easy, that's why I resolve.

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