Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Red Beans and friends: More Southern favorites

The next option for the Red Beans and Turkey Tasso (see recipe) is as a side-dish or part of a dinner ensemble as opposed to the one-bowl entrée. Because it's very moist and soupy, this dish makes a lot, but freezes very well. It was thawed gently and paired with other items. 

Tonight, Papa Bear has returned from a road trip and we are adding some more carb options and protein options more fitting a big guy who’s not 5’5” like his princess of a wife (yeah, that’s me; don’t make me come over there!).

Cornbread is often paired with red beans so I made a sweet, buttery cornbread. I put a dab of Steen’s Syrup in the cornbread thinking of my grandmother Cecilia’s tradition of serving us cornbread and milk with cool, thick Steen’s drizzled on top.

Going all the way “Southern,” we finished off the meal with homemade fried chicken. Papa Bear will not go to bed hungry and he knows that he was thoroughly missed last week.

Bonus: There will be cornbread and milk in the morning!


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