Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fishers' 'Net delivers church business tools

Effective communication tools are crucial for organizations seeking to become “fishers of men.” Empowering churches and non-profits with the right tackle box is the mission of the Fishers’ ‘Net, a business plan vying for one of the Mission Main Street Grants.

Spencer Media Solutions and Online Bayou are partnering to develop the Fishers’ ‘Net, a full-service Web portal offering Web hosting, email communications, marketing tools, print services and e-commerce solutions.

We would like to build a Web alliance of churches across the globe to ‘Net-fellowship and share communication best practices and business solutions. Through Online Bayou, organizations can use self-service products like Web hosting, email accounts or blogging. Offline services customized for churches and faith-based groups include bulletins, newsletter services and advertising/media buying.

The most ambitious venture will develop an e-tithe system that will allow organizations to use the ease of e-commerce to collect tithes, fees and donations.

Please click HERE to vote for the Fishers’ ‘Net and then share the link with others from now until Oct. 17 when the voting ends.

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