Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Break in the Silence

It's been a while since I posted or updated my blog. For those who know me well, that can only mean I've been sick and awaiting surgery (again?).

I started feeling yucky about a month ago and I've had trouble swallowing and lots of stomach and chest pain. I had a bad cold after the OH Houston event (BUT IT ROCKED!) and I could tell that my hernia had enlarged.

I had a few tests like upper GI and gall bladder and finally a CT scan that showed the hernia was problematic and needed to be repaired since the last patch did not hold.

I'm not losing any weight, but just trying to hold my own again. I've been cycling to daycare 2-3 mornings a week so I am getting a workout (pulling a 40-pound child and a special trailer attached to bike). Restriction isn't a problem since everything hurts to eat. We have discovered that I best tolerate suishi. No overcooking, no frying, no sauces, just raw fish and rolled rice sits OK.

So here's my summary: When I have surgery (should be quicky day surgery) on next month I'll be 17 months. Including my lap band, that will be seven surgeries (of those, four hernia repairs) since August 2004. I was down about 75 pounds and I've gained up and down for several months.

I love my band and life with the band. I fully believe that one day when I'm past these abdominal issues, I'll do well in reaching my goal.

That's it. This is the hand I've been dealt and I plan to play it.

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