Monday, February 21, 2005

The Missing Valentine's Weigh-in

Once upon a time, there was a lap band loser who had big plans for Valentine's Day. I've always liked fairy tales and I thought I was writing one six weeks before Feb. 14. My previous weigh-in dropped me below 300 pounds and gave me a four months loss of 46 pounds. For my fifth month weigh-in, I wanted to concentrate on wellness -- those things that could not be measured by a scale.

Well, my fairy tale has become a nightmare, but here's the numbers that I was too sick to post. At 5.5 months, I had lost a total of 62 pounds. I netted 16 pounds during that period, but none of my other goals were met because wellness seems like a dream now instead of goal.

In the doctor's office, I also had a fever of 102+ and series of other symptoms that sent me straight to the hospital to await surgery the next morning. That was Valentine's Day.

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